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Capcom explica porque no hay Re: Revelations en Vita (Ingles)

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On Wednesday morning, Capcom addressed questions concerning PS Vita’s omission from the re-release of “Resident Evil Revelations”. Mike Lunn, Product Manager at Capcom,replied to questions from fans and shared a couple of reasons as to why the PS Vitawasn’t a platform of choice. Yesterday, Capcom announced “Resident Evil Revelations Unveiled Edition” for release on Xbox 360, PS3, PC, and Wii U on May 21 in North America. Immediately, fans noticed that the PlayStation Vita has been omitted from this new release and now fans are wondering why Capcom chose not to put this once 3DS exclusive on Sony’s handheld. Well, the reasons may surprise you. When asked why there is no PS Vita version, he replied: …. when we were developing Revelations for new platforms we really wanted to hone in on the experience you get with a large format screen, surround sound, etc. This type of setup really helps players get sucked into the horror vibe and enjoy the game to its fullest extent. He later added: 3DS and PS-vita infrastructure let alone developing games for them are extremely different beasts. Even just the screens as you mention are completely different resolutions/functions. “Resident Evil Revelations” was originally released exclusively on Nintendo 3DS in early 2011 where it was praised by critics. The “Unveiled Edition” will feature new content, HD visuals, and more when it sees release on May 21 for Xbox 360, PS3, PC, and Wii U. ---- Siempre me han dado gracia las explicaciones baratas de Capcom, estoy seguro que tienen a alguien muerto de la risa escribiéndolas detrás de una cortina o algo.

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