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Estoy muy enojado con EA

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Hola ahora si que si Battlefield 3 se fue a la mierda con lo de los "RENT SERVERS" arruianron el juego al 100% ahora los pendejos que pagan tienen reglas estupidas y el admin puede hacer lo que quiera contigo asi como si nada hasta matarteee que esta pasando en esta industria??? tan grande es mi enojo que me les dije mi pensar en su pagina de facebook official esto fue lo que les diej Gamer server rent ruined this gameee the admin kick me from the battle for stupid reason,the admin have the authority to killme ad any time,The game is awsone but the rent game server suck runid a true game DICE is a awesone company but E3 (AQUI ME CONFUNDI QUISE DECIR EA) is the cancer of the indistry I'm glad EA the most hated company in usa you sucks y me contestaron Because rented servers are paid for by players, those players are allowed to admin the servers with their own rules. This does not mean server admins can do as they please, they must follow Rules of Conduct ( If you feel that an admin abuses his/her power by violating these rules, you can report that player on his/her Battlelog profile page or contact an advisor at If you'd like a list of community-approved servers, we are actively compiling a list on the Battlelog Forums: Be sure to favorite servers that you enjoy playing on! Thanks for saying DICE is an awesome company, they work hard to give you the best product possible! We're sorry you disapprove of the Electronic Entertainment Expo. The E3 event should be an exciting time for the gaming community to come together and share new products while gathering valuable feedback. Let us know if you have any other concerns. Have you been able to check out Close Quarters yet? We'd love to get your feedback. ^W y yo les dije o sory i say by error E3 sorrry i want to say EA not E3 y los cabrones me contestaron Well just remember to play nice on the internet, some of us have feelings :) Have you gotten a chance to play Close Quarters? What are some game-modes you enjoy? ^W

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